The last few days have been a combination of dump runs and demolition. Some WTF moments and a bunch OMG WOW moments.

Lets start with WTF.

As you can see from the above photo in the basement level of the Mallard Project someones idea of a SPA was installed a couple of decades ago. The walls of the shower in the RHS of the photo were a mixture of plastic (gray panel) and ceramic tile. The tile was installed over 1/8" hardboard (read non-water proof MDF!) . The crappy tile setting was compounded by even crappier grouting. Water ingress caused the hardboard to swell and make the shower useless.

The jacuzzi tub in the foreground covered by a piece of hardboard had been installed with the same level of expertise the shower had. What is not apparent in the photo is the large fracture down the longitudinal axis of the tub. The tub was made of an inch thick resin product designed to sit on a solid platform. However the install was done without the platform for support and instead three inch wide cargo straps had been nailed to the curb framing with one nail through the strap at each end. Fill the tub with water and toss in a couple of happy bathers and SNAP - epic fail. Five minutes with a sledge and the 300 odd pound tub was in pieces manageable enough for me to remove.

What the above picture cannot give you is the smell of mould. There is a trickle of water seeping down the bedrock in the background with rotting wood soaking up the water.

At this point you cannot grasp how terrible the carpentry work was. A losing contestant on the apprentice carpenter Gong Show obviously did the work. The use of #1 2" x 6" western red cedar! as floor joists! (really expensive) and reclaimed (read previously used and probably free) lumber used together to hold up the floor. Then there is the choice of mechanical fasteners - nails - liberal use of 2" spiral nails and sparse use of 5" spikes (neither fastener appropriate for the application)

Check out the creative stair construction on in the image below!

The use of fibre glass insulation directly on concrete made for great rodent nesting and growth of mould.

With all the compromised structure removed you can see the water on the exposed concrete.

OMG WOW ... I am backed up to the construction debris bin at DBL (dump) with our loaded landscape trailer hung off the back of the Sprinter when I can hear this Bald Eagle screeching but couldn't see it in the sky - it wasn't in the sky it was sitting on top of a pile of bark mulch 50 feet away! Fifteen minutes latter I am still unloading and look up and there is a murder of crows circling with immature Bald Eagles just starting to get white feathers in their tails and on their head above my head! Amazing!

Speaking of amazing - one of the many views from the new place - this is a Gary Oak tree with a beer mug ready for ...?

DuckHenge with North Nanaimo in the distant background.

Kitchen Plan

View from living room couch at the old house. Still a big WOW.

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