Major Milestones Met

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Some time has elapsed since the last instalment... work, eat, beer, sleep - repeat has been the order of business for the last 10 days or so.

In that time some major milestones have been met - in no small part because Darren Dowd and Kerr Marriam of have been onsite. Darren built the house 2 doors down from this project house five years ago. Darren is a Red Seal Carpenter and HPO Warranty accredited builder and Kerr is his apprentice.

One Milestone they reached yesterday by completing all the new framing for the new windows and doors!

Darren and Kerr also framed out the new floor and partitions in the basement that included the storage room.

I found a couple of things opening up a wall in the laundry room for my plumber Marcus of to run the drain for the ensuite shower- when I moved the washer out of the way I found this:

Photo is not very clear - which is a good thing - it is a chunk of dehydrated dog poo!

I have opened up some nasty walls but this one was special

Between the rot, rats nest, and the rim joist that was hacked into multiple pieces! Marcus was able to poke the drain through into the space required for the drain.

Another thing Darren and Kerr did was remove the old torch-on roof over the dinning room making way for the next Milestone.

That Milestone that occurred yesterday when Ryan and Sean of did a superb job of making sure the new deck over the dinning room wouldn't leak anymore - the old one had been leaking for a LONG time.

Another Milestone is ongoing as I type this - the last sub trade to arrive was Warren and Blair of are here roughing in the electrical!

Thats it until next time.

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