Six Weeks Later...

So yes it has been a while... working 65-75 hour weeks (7 days a week) has taken its tole on this blog.

So what has happened since the last instalment?


Drywall is complete!

Tile in the bathrooms plus the main entry was completed by Herb and Nick from - they did a superb job!

Painting is 98% complete - thanks to Paula!

New windows and doors are complete except for the main entry door (came with the wrong swing) and two windows that came 10" shorter than they were supposed to.

Basement is finished and have commenced moving into it - thanks again to Paula.

Hardwood floor install on uppermost level complete.

Most of the trees impinging on our view are in the process of being removed.

Here are some photos

New shower pan in ensuite

Shower pan plus pebbles!

That's Herb pointing at stuff I need to fix

Craig installing window

New ceiling fan in stairwell

New floor in small upper level bedroom

Curb for new 10' skylight going in

This is Lewis

Darren Dowd (lead carpenter on the job site) sometimes has his buddy come to visit.

North end of a Southbound Tilly

South end of Tilly not wanting to get out of the Sprinter at Mallard


New 8'x7' window in living room + skylight + wiring

New 12'x8'high patio door in Sunroom

Trees leaving

View opening up in living room

Thats all for now...

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