The Mallard Project

Well here goes The Mallard Project V2.0! As it turns out V1.0 did get viewed!

Another reason V1.0 got pulled down is that no building permits have been pulled on the project yet and unwanted RDN (Regional District of Nanaimo) attention at this point in the project could cause delays that we can't afford.

Our pet name for the house was "The Dump"! Now that the demolition phase is over, the place really does look like a dump but the name has sort of changed to the title of this blog.

A big thank you goes out to Kathy and Dave Meredith for making this project possible on so many levels. Kathy has been instrumental in her design vision and Dave has worked tirelessly (whenever he gets bored!) with me to move the project forward. THANK YOU!

This past week has seen several milestones passed. The large bulkhead in the living room has been removed.

The old propane stove has been uninstalled. Vent to be removed once weather conditions permit.

Header for the new patio door in the dinning room has been installed.

This header also supports new beams that were installed to permit a post to be removed to completely open the dinning room, sun room, and kitchen spaces. One room that is under going significant changes is the sunroom. A large 8' x 6'6" picture window will be installed in the east wall (a 4'x8' window is currently in place RHS of photo below plus window in LHS of photo will match the height of the large window)

The south wall of the sunroom will see a 10' wide by 8' high patio door header for that opening has yet to be installed.

Once all the electrical in the north wall of the kitchen has been de-commisioned, the drywall in the foreground will be placed behind the partition.

Once strategically placed reinforcement (as per kitchen design) 1/2" plywood will be installed on the studs. This wall we received floor to ceiling pantry which will conceal the whoop D do in the ceiling where the light fixture is.

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